Sunday, May 17, 2009

Widowed by a video game?!?

Thinking I was being an awesome wife (and I was getting a blueray dvd player), I bought my husband a playstation 3. He got Call of Duty 5 from his parents for xmas at the demands of his friends. Frankly being sick of hearing his pleas of "how he could play online with the guys" and "I don't even know if I'll like the game", I finally hooked up our wireless router so he could play online.

I've never witnessed such verbal diarrhea as I have during my husband's marathon COD games. And I drive in Chicago traffic regularly! Since we only have one flat screen hd tv in our house, I can't watch anything without being begged to let him play his game. Plus, I just had our first baby 8 weeks ago. Our poor son has been falling asleep to gunshots through the surround sound and some of the filthiest language (and I can make a sailor blush) I've ever heard. We're off to a great start with our son, aren't we?

This blog will chronicle my latest obsessions and hobbies. Currently, my sister got me into Twilight and I'm sure the books almost gave me post partum depression for a couple of days (blog post about that in future). I've spent a good chunk of my 12 week maternity leave reading the books and trolling the internet for blogs and videos all about Twilight, the actors, the movies. All of this with a baby in my lap. Now that my leave is almost over (only 2 weeks left, where has all the time gone?), I think I'm going to have the shakes at work trying to check out all my blogs on my blackberry. Oh, and I'm in my early 30s and a scientist, so this newest obsession is so a secret. Nothing like nerds at work making fun of me.

What are my other obsessions? Mostly books, music, and a few tv shows. I go through books like beer goes through a frat boy, so I'll have plenty of comments about whatever I'm reading at the time. Having 2 1/2 hours on a train everyday just to get to work (and riding with some of the freakiest people I've ever seen), I have plenty of time to kill. Since the tv season for new episodes is over now, the show I'm looking forward to is season 2 of HBO's True Blood. This show is based on the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris (another addicting set of novels with vampires and werewolves like the Twilight Saga). Season 2 starts on June 14, so just a small wait for that.


  1. you, love your show, first time caller. A sister in video game widowhood! My BF (Bitches older brother) also is a gamer. I thought I was being a nice GF and got him an XBox360 3 Christmases ago. Halo...I still hear the gunfire. Then there was Halo3. And now there is RockBand. I'm not sure if the gunfire or the drumming is worse. I really need to sound-proof that room! And then he started playing World of Warcraft. Awesome. He's going out to E3 the first week of June to show off his skills. I'm sure your hubby will be watching all of the video game announcements on G4. If you haven't been forced to watch that channel, there is one show that is funny...Attack of the Show. Kevin Pereira is dreamy! And I can't wait for the second season of True Blood! Yay!

  2. Finally, another person who's innocent gift blew up in their face! I actually didn't mind Rock Band, but my hubby's nephews overwrote our whole saved game with a band of their own. We haven't played that since, talk about a buzz kill. Now all I'm hearing about is Call of Duty 4 part 2 and how there's a new map pack coming out for 5. We already paid so much for the game, now we have to pay $10 more for a freakin map pack? We'll have to watch Attack of the Show. Humor should at least make it tolerable, right?

  3. Oh don't even get me started on how much money Rock Band costs...every Tuesday the BF shells out tens of dollars for all of the new download content. And then there is the detritus of broken drum sets. I think there are 5 or 6 in the guest bedroom. Bah! You are lucky to be getting away with just a little expansion pack. The BF has Call of Duty, but hasn't really played it much. I guess it falls under Gears of War, a game he thought was going to be awesome, but didn't hold his interest. Rock Band doesn't bother me except that he plays it all night long while I'm trying to sleep. Yuck. The BF posts all of his videos on Youtube under the account IBitePrettyHardSH if you or the hubby are interested. You can take a look at my one-time office that now has been taken over by computers, games, and video recording equipment. And I won't even go into the tv set thing...thank goodness for lag on plasma tvs!

  4. Thank god no one broke any of the rockband stuff and we quit playing it before I hooked up the router so we didn't bother to download anything. Those damn drums are pretty loud and would piss me off if I was trying to sleep. I just get to hear hubby cussing up a storm through that damn ear piece all night. I'm on the opposite side of the house and upstairs and I can still hear him- through the baby monitor and the hallway. I get his cursing amplified! Our son's first words are going to be something naughty, I just know it. We just bought a new flat screen tv just so he could play his game in our basement once it's finished. I can't wait for the day when I can watch the new bigger flat screen in peace.


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