Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Beauty - Twilight Style

After having a barbecue on Sunday night, we all had Memorial Day free. Sister Widow decided she needed her eyebrows waxed, so I fired up the wax melter. I started waxing the eyebrows of Mommy Widow and myself at home a few years ago. We just got sick of paying someone to do it and having to wait for someone to make them crooked anyway! So Sister Widow finally got over her distrust of my skills (Maybe I beat her up too much when we were little?) and I waxed Mommy's, Sister's, and my eyebrows yesterday. We all joked that it was a day of beauty, so to torture my husband we kept bugging him to do his hair.

My husband's hair grows super fast and is really thick, so he gets "helmet head" in a month if he doesn't get a hair cut. He wouldn't let me get a flowbee to cut his hair since "I'm not allowed anywhere near his head with a blade and a shopvac." He is so not up for that kind of fun and money saving. Since his hair has grown out and is approaching helmet status, I got an idea. I texted my sister last week saying "I think Mr. Widow's hair is long enough to do like RPattz." Since she was at work, I only got a reply of "LOL." Fast forward to Memorial Day. My sister hadn't seen Twilight on our bigger new HD tv, so I popped the blue ray disc into the PS3(yes, I actually got to use it to watch a dvd!).

Mr. Widow is in and out of the family room and finally sits down when we get to the parking lot rescue scene. That's when Sister Widow remembers my text from last week. Here's a recap of the conversation:

Sister Widow: Hey Mr. Widow, you should let us do your hair.

Mr. Widow: How about no? (In his best Dr. Evil impersonation)

Me: We could totally do your hair like that guy's (meaning Edward).

Mr. Widow: The only way I'll let you guys do my hair like that is if I can stop an Astro Van with my hand.

Sister Widow: You will totally be able to stop a van with that hairdo.

Me: We only have Mommy Widow's Windstar around here since we all have SUVs, so we can't test out your Astro Van theory.

Anyway, we go back and forth for about a half hour when the negotiations get serious. Mr. Widow gets to take a nap, then play Call of Duty while we do his hair. I think my sister and I are really getting the better end of the deal here. Here's the before and after shots of the hubby's hair.

Now the hubby's before picture is after a night of partying, so it's not normally so crapalicious. I think the after pic is pretty good. His hair isn't that long after all, as long as he sticks it up like this. Don't you love what my family gets into when we're bored?

We attempted the same hairdo with Nephew Widow, but he just turned out looking like Billy Idol. (He's 2 and very cute, so I'll post the entire picture). Here he is doing his impersonation of Billy Idol circa 1986.


  1. I am very impressed with your hair skills! And nephew widow...Billy Idol! Awesome! Bitches and I saw an awesome head of hair at lunch today. We tried to get a picture for the blog, but alas were too far away. Picture this...long flowing golden locks and the guy had these awesomely bad sunglasses on that were gold on the sides. Bitches made an ass out of herself and attracted his attention so he kept staring at our table. Hehe, good times.

  2. Ah, the good old days when the hot guys had better, longer, prettier hair than the girls! It's been a long time since I've seen any guys like that. I did see a creepy guy at a cover band a couple of weeks back that had a super mullet. How anyone think those are still a good idea is beyond me! I should hopefully be able to get some good pics of the weirdos on the train when I go back to work next Monday. Good times!

  3. I so did not make an ass out of myself! haha...Actually, I did...I have no shame. I'm only disappointed I had the little camera with me and not our super-telephoto lens one. hah. You forgot the shirt he was wearing! It was a button up with the top 3 buttons undone, although, he didn't have any chest hair to showcase.*shudder* Plus, he had on tight white nut-hugging pants!

    I'm very impressed with your hair skilz! Now, be honest, once his hair was all RPatzz'd, didn't you want to jump him? hehe

    P.S. Nephew Widow is adorable :-)

  4. Ok Bitches, you're right! Too bad you didn't have the good camera with you, that guy sounds like a train wreck...and he probably thought you wanted him after getting his attention!

  5. hehe...What's sad, is that by his thinking I was interested, I was encouraging his dressing. Now I feel partially responsible for future poor dressing episodes. eew.

  6. BTW, came accross a t-shirt you must have.

  7. I've seen those shirts, Bitches! I'm sure the hubby doesn't want me to rub it in his face anymore than I already do! BTW, I actually got to watch a whole night of tv on the new flat screen. He went to a friends to watch the Blackhawks game, but I still got to watch it!

  8. So, I caved in and joined this crazy blogging thing. The only thing is, I am so completely computer illiterate that I can't even figure out how to steal your twilight countdown. I might as well put a pregnancy countdown instead considering I might quite possibly give birth while watching New Moon! Why is everything so complicated!


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