Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ditch the bag Rob

Seriously Rob, you can’t afford to buy a new more attractive manbag? I cringe every time I see him at the airport carrying that shiteous black old-man bag. The only other person that I know still carries one of those is cheap and refuses to buy a new one. He’s been using it since the early 90s and has been fixing it with duct tape. And he's in his 50s. Is it wrong for me to hope that the x-ray machine at the security check point somehow chews it up?

I can take the very small wardrobe consisting of flannel shirts, v-neck shirts, and black jeans. I grew up in the era of grunge – Alice In Chains is still my favorite band followed by Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. They all totally rocked the flannel, so I get it. Oh and we can’t forget the black hoodie. You’re a celebrity, if you’re gonna be too cheap to buy anything new you can just get some free stuff. If not, I’m sure the Salvation Army has to have something better. Or if you aren't in a shopping mood, I’m sure there are plenty of chicks who will chip in with me to get you a more stylish bag.

The ladies over at Random Acts of Rob agree, ditch the dadcase asap. Before Lainey has a chance to post more embarassing pics of that bag.


  1. Yes, I must agree, nothing is worse than an unfortunate man-bag. Or man-purse, as I call my husband's bag. heh.

  2. Luckily my husband has no need for a man bag. Unfortunately though, that means he tries to put anything and everything in my purse. He looks at me pretty funny when I scream "No not my new Coach purse, you'll stretch it out!" He didn't really appreciate purses until I made him shop there with me one day!

  3. Boys...they seem to think that because we carry a purse, that means we'll carry all their crap. Yes, one must never put a bag in harms way, whether that be to stretching, scuffing or spillage. I must say that Mr. Bitches is quite knowledgeable and understanding of my purse obsession and has picked out some of my favorite bags :-)

  4. Mr. Widow learned pretty quick that you don't put my purse on the floor of our SUV. He really understood it after he saw how much the purses cost. Now if only I could find a really cute diaper bag. Might not be a good idea since I'm sure I'll be extra paranoid about the bottles and everything. Unfortunately we have a "I buy a purse, he buys something of equal value" deal. Keeps me from getting more purses!

  5. Oh my. Yes, purses most definitely do not belong on the floor. They deserve a seat all to themselves. A lot of times, Mr. Bitches holds them in his lap if I'm driving. hehe I can see a diaper bag being quite tricky, since they are doomed to be tossed about and get jank all over them. eek. We have the "purchase an item of equal value" as well. haha It does help curb the purchases!


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