Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'll laugh at you if you want me to

To entertain myself while Mr. Widow ignores me and yells at people thousands of miles away while playing Call of Duty, I've found some websites that fill my need to laugh at people. Not to their face mind you, that's just rude. Here's a list of the websites that totally make me laugh my ass off on a daily basis at those less fortunate.

F*ck My Life - This site catalogs some of the worst days that people experience. Some are funny, some are dirty, but most are pee your pants funny. Very blackberry friendly site too and on twitter, so I can get updates several times a day. Very convenient for when I go back to work after my maternity leave is over (T minus 10 days and counting). Even my 86 year old grandma laughs at the stuff on this site. I'm pretty sure there's an opposing site with how great people's days are, but what's the fun in that?

Awkward Family Photos - Some of the funniest pictures on the web can be found here. There's a sh*tload of pictures of people with their pets. We have two cats, we just don't pose for professional photos with them. We try not to advertise our "crazy cat people" status. This one has to be my favorite. The thing to remember is they are all siblings. Soooooo creepy. How did anyone think this pose was a good idea?

Funny Status Messages from Facebook - Most of my facebook status updates are just me bitching and complaining, so it's nice to see what other people put up there. Let me clarify, what the other odd, strange people put up there. My favorite has to be "has secretly replaced the Parmesan cheese shaker with a used Pedi-Egg. Will her guests be able to tell the difference? " So funny and so wrong at the same time. People will think twice about eating over at that person's place again.

And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't have some funny Twilight related sites? These sites are the funniest that I check everyday when getting my Twilight fix.

Twitarded - These are two of the funniest ladies I've read. It's rare to find two that are so funny and sarcastic. Most people mistake my sarcasm for being funny. Usually I'm just being rude and they don't realize it.

Twilight Widowers Anonymous - This husband is at least taking his wife's obsession with Twilight and entertaining himself with it. And entertaining everyone else with his blog.

We Bite Pretty Hard - I think I've found sound kindred spirits on this site...they love books, handbags, and are wickedly funny. Plus, Bitches loves Peeps, so she's A-OK in my book!

Letters to Twilight - I especially like their "2nd hand embarassed" posts. I feel this way a lot. It's nice to see other people who are embarassed for others too.

Pillow Biters - This site always has up to the minute updates on the new movies. And they are hilarious while posting the news.


  1. Hey, this is Whitley from Twilog. I saw that you had linked to my blog and I wanted to stop by and say hello :) Welcome to blogging!

  2. Holy crap! What the eff is up with that family portrait?! I am completely embarrassed FOR them! I mean, lil bro has his hands draped all over his sister! And, it all looks so natural, like, "just another family pic, my brother just loves to cradle me in his arms." EEEW! I think I'm going to have nightmares. I'm excited to now have another site to add to my list to amuse myself.
    I must agree with you on your Twilight site preferences. The Twitarded gals make me heave in laughter every day. It poses quite a problem at work. One day I was laughing so hard I tried to cover it with a cough and then began choking. My boss was quite alarmed and was worried I was seriously ill with the swine flu. ha. I should have agree with her and taken my happy ass home.

  3. Love your sites. Here is one for you...did your hubby do this?

  4. Funny video and no, hubby didn't do it. He is pretty good about shooting guys in the dick a lot, just doesn't kill them. The only enjoyment I get out of him playing that soul sucking game is the screen names of some of the players. In that video, one guy's name was [POON]Wang Tang. Ok, I'm mentally ten sometimes, but that made me giggle. I should keep a list of the funny ones, make it a blog. It would be funny (probably to just me).

  5. Here's another creepy group hug. I still can't figure out if one of them is supposed to be the mom. Makes me shudder just thinking about the pic.


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