Sunday, October 18, 2009

OMG-What we looked like back in the day

Thanks everyone for being brave enough to share a few pictures of yourselves from high school. Sending in real life pics was just a crazy idea that I and Tasha had. This has been fun gathering these pics and emailing you back and forth, getting to know you a little bit better. It will be nice seeing what everyone looks like in real life. If you didn't send in your pics, you still can. I'll just add the pics to the bottom.

So, without further ado, I give you our bloggy and twitter friends (in random order of how they were in my photobucket account). The comments in italics by the pics are straight from the subjects mouth, not mine. (Well, except for my pics!)

Bex (website: Today I Feel Infinite, twitter: Becky_Boodles)

I turned 16 in the April and this was taken in the back of the limo on our way to Prom in the July 2000. My date got the crop treatment! ;)

Bitches (website: We Bite Pretty Hard, twitter: WPBHBitches)

I was probably about 16, and as you can see, had some bad bangage going on.

Call of Duty Widow
(Website: Call Of Duty Widow, twitter: hmmille )

My fave pic is the one from the musical I
was in. I remember that dress was super tight, it was hard to sing with it on! I had a blond phase my Sophomore/Junior year, but dyed it back right before senior pics. And I was rockin some high bangs there for a while! Man I miss that body!

(twitter: Erikasbuddy)
1991 -7th Grade Intermediate Middle School Band - I was a Clarinet player. I played for 2 years. Art Class 10th Grade = was taken in the winter of 1993 in my Art Class during my sophomore year. I am holding a SPIN MAGAZINE with NIRVANA showing through the pages. Can you guess the downward spiral that I took in April? Copy of 1996 Senior Talent Show - Erikasbuddy = was taken in 1996 at my senior talent show. I am singing DISARM by Smashing Pumpkins with my bff Erika. She signed us up to do this one day when I was skipping school. She was a sneaky little bugger lol!! I agreed to do it only if she did it with me. Copy of Art and Drama Banquet - Junior Year - 1994 = was taken in 1994 during the fall of my Junior Year. That was one of my favorite high school memories. I had a blast. I even had my first dance there. It was with a boy who had just broken his leg. He couldn't stand dance so we sat indian style on the floor and swayed to Cotton Eye Joe. I loved it!! Copy of Spring Fling 3-l3gged race 1996 = was taken during the last week of school in 1996 of my senior year. My bff ERIKA is who is attached to me. WE WON!! I think... at least that's how I remember it ;)

FireCrotch (Website: We Bite Pretty Hard, twitter: FireCr0tch)

Me at graduation. Check out those gross looking shoes. What the heck was I thinking?
Me and my senior prom date…my mom made my dress and cut my hair like 20 minutes before my date showed up. Previous to this pic my hair was down past my shoulder blades.
Ahh…more summer camp memories. I am the fatty in the pic (third from the right). I like how the mud nicely outlined my boobs. We had even more fun in the showers afterward…
My girlfriends and I were pretty geeky and so we stayed in on Friday nights and played games. And no, this was not strip poker. But check out the flannel shirt…I was rockin’ it before RPattz. Plus I totally love that green watch.
Doing the age old fun chicken dance at the senior prom. Who the he
ck had full length gloves on next to me?

OnePushyFox (twitter: onepushyfox)

OK, so I'm feeling brave (or stupid from the lack of sleep) and I've decided to send in some pics of me from HS. One's from my graduation in '93 (I'm with my baby sister) the other is from the early freshman year ('89) turnabout dance. I honestly can't tell which is more embarrassing: the wicked 80's perm from freshman year or the crazy Tracy Gold glasses from senior year. Sheesh! Why didn't someone slap me??

SmuttierThanYou (Website: Jackassery In The House, twitter: SmuttierThanYou)

Here is the one from my senior year (1999), Homecoming Princess, I was hammered and grinning like a Cheshire Cat! Taken the summer before my senior year. This was my first 4X4 and my step dad helped me completely rebuild it. Lots of good memories *sigh*

Tasha (Website: Something Less Productive, twitter: um_natalie)

(twitter: uhyesplease)

Ok - the show choir pic - obvious! I was also a band nerd. (Drum major) And a theatre nerd (I'm Glinda!) And then my senior prom pic. Just cause I loved the dress! All are from 1995! When I graduated from HS......

(twitter: bierbeck)

I always get lots of laughs with this picture. It is from my freshman year I think which is circa 1989.

Mrs_Robward (website: Peace Love Twilight, twitter: Mrs_Ro

1st pic is me & my mom, Jr year, I was going to the ROTC *gag* dance.

2nd pic is me & my DH b4 senior Prom. Ooo, if only I was that skinny again!

(website: Betti Music Twilight, twitter: Bettigefecht)

I know I'm late, but I finally found a pic from 1978. I was in the schoolband. Best I can do...


  1. Clearly, you are all way more attractive in RL than I imagined. And while some of you were rocking the big bangs of the late '80, I see none of you had the big, stupid, fail glasses like me. Oh, well, lovely to see you all! :)

  2. I had the glasses in junior high. Luckily I didn't need them anymore by high school. We are a bunch of good lookin' gals, aren't we!

  3. AWESOME PICS! Can't stop looking at them... LOL! Smutty... you should change your name into "hottierthanyou" LOOL, and Mrs.Robward looks like a sweet doll... oh... this is so cool!! I must find an old pic, I must!!! Damn, I'll rummage the attic tonight... just wait.... just wait.... arghh.... I'll be back!

  4. Srsly, if i could only be that thin again!

    This was fun =]

    Mrs. Rowbard

  5. Those were all cute cute cute!!

  6. Wow, you ladies are BRAVE! I didn't send in my picture because I basically look exactly the same as I did in HS and that was just too close to outing myself to the entire world. (Seriously, at my 20th reunion ((yes, I'm THAT old)) no one had trouble remembering who I was.)

    I'm just amazed at how many of us were band geeks, though - flute/piccolo right here, baby ;)

  7. OMFG - This was THE BEST POST EVER!!!! Look how smokin' hawt we all were (Yes, that means you too Foxy!!!) I had glasses too - but wore contacts from the moment I woke up til I went to bed. Now I hardly ever wear my, the joys of motherhood.

    OH - and I used to have long hair (like in my drum major pic) but then didn't get the lead in the musical in the spring and cut all my hair off in protest. Take that! Ha! Like that did anything, but you know, I was 18, what do you do when you're 18 and pissed at the world?

    PS - Band geeks unite!

  8. I love it!!!! And I wasn't in the band, I did sing in chorus....and smoke WAY too much dope. *sigh* I'm still amazed I survived the Class of 1999....
    And Betti, no one is hotter than you! Rawr!!

  9. This is totally hilarious. I loved it. Bitches, I had to do a double-take. Didn't even recognize you. I wasn't in the band...was in the orchestra. Tried to scan my yearbook, but the thing was like 300 pages thick and it wouldn't lay flat It was actually kind of fun reliving all of these memories. I thought about finding the pics of my summer camp hook-up, but figured I should leave well enough alone...for now. Hehe. And, FYI, we are all total hotties. All those tweens will be jealous when they see us coming in at the premiere for Eclipse!

  10. I have a feeling those tweens are gonna be scared shitless when they see all of us coming. Remember guys, I'm a movie talker. Just warning you ahead of time. But I live in a city with 2 casinos, just sayin'.

    Most of us were in band or chorus weren't we? I did basketball and softball too, I was first chair flute from 5th grade on. I was also on Scholastic Bowl, don't know why since I was always such a slacker.

    This post was fun. We should do something like this more often. And like Mrs_Robward said, I really miss that body.

  11. When I was looking through my year books, I realized how much I missed out on...there were a lot of clubs out there. Why was I so socially awkward? Boo.

  12. You guys are all so great! Fantastic pictures!

  13. How did I not know about this post? This is so great. You have to show everybody. I love seeing old photos.

  14. I'm insanely late with commenting...anyhow...I must say that we're all quite the group of hotties...who said that old Twilight obsessed gals have to be fugly?
    Wow, a lot of band and chorus members...I'm actually the only person in my family who wasn't in band...played some soccer and that was it.

    @sjAimee Holy look JUST like Kristin Stewart! I honestly thought that the smaller pic was her and you were comparing the two and showing their similarities...damn. You're hotter, though.


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