Friday, October 30, 2009

Damn You/I Love You Friday

Everyone knows what to do....comment below.

Here's mine for the week:

Damn you husband's new work for making him work on Halloween and missing our son's first time trick or treating. And for changing his schedule so we never see each other. Also damn you to my work for being so busy I don't have time to post me Twitarded meme yet. Hopefully tonight!

I Love You New Moon video leaks. I'm really looking forward to this movie!

PS. I love how the Edward Cullen costume here is called "Night Time Romeo."

And Baby C says "Happy Halloween Everybody! Give me all of your candies!)


  1. Here is mine:
    Damn you work and colleagues for letting me always solve your problems! And for being just so freaky! Damn you boss for being in such a bad mood!

    I love You my husband for getting the Twilight and New Moon movie tickets for us! In 22 days I gonna see my Betti and together we will see Twilight and right after this New Moon!

    And: I love You for this post!

  2. Damn you shitty weather that is threatening to jack up my kids trick or treating tomorrow.

    I love that I have been entrusted to beta a fucktastic story! Oh and vodka, I love vodka too.

  3. Damn you migraine that took three days from this week!

    I love you work for putting on Twilight on an outdoor movie screen for Halloween! I love you Vanilla Frosting for getting me through my migraines.

  4. Ohh please let me add:

    Damn you dishwasher for being broken on a Friday evening!!!!

  5. Is Baby C a furby or a skunk? Do I even care? Because he looks adorable!

    Damn you work for not being finished and having to do a bunch of stuff on Monday in a hurry.

    I love Fridays...yes, I wish I could marry you and have babies with you.

  6. @FC: Baby C was a skunk for Halloween. His 3 year old cousin was one too. My mom made the costumes and we got a ton of compliments. And candy!

    Thanks for venting and being positive about something everyone!


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