Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting to know your bloggy friends

Last night was an interesting night on twitter. @Bettigefecht was getting irritated with @fragilehuman and @FireCr0tch 's Glee discussion while @um_natalie and I (@hmmille) were trying to not be force fed the Glee kool aid. (You know you tried to make her drink it @WPBHBitches lol). I commented that I'd had enough of the glee club stuff in high school to Natalie and she insisted on seeing pictures. I missed a new South Park to hunt down the elusive high school year books, then fought with my $20 scanner from 2001 to get some pics on the computer.

After further discussion, we decided that we want all of our bloggy friends to be embarrassed with us and for us. Now taking your high school photos at We want to see you "The Way You Were", any photo from high school is fine. Please include a short explanation of the picture and you're website/twitter name by 5 pm CST Sunday, October 18. I'll post all of them here Sunday night hopefully. It will be nice to put a name with a face, even if it was from so many years ago.

Since Tasha requested a pic from my poms/dance team days, here's a gem from my freshman year in 1989. We're all lined up for the National Anthem at a basketball game and of course, the 80s hair is in full effect. Plus my skirt is shorter than everyone else's since I was so tall and skinny back then. I think I actually had a perm (oh the horror) back then. {{{shudder}}}

Come on, you know you want to see all of us, email away! I promise an actually photo from my Show Choir days and my basketball days! Please include your twitter screenname and/or blog/website so we can all follow each other. This is a good way to expand all of our follower lists and make some new bloggy/twitter friends ;) .


  1. Ohh myyy goooddnesss, this will be embarrassing. I have to think about this since I still have a comic face... the only one who ever saw a picture from me is Betti..

    But I promise to think about this!

    Apart from my embarrassment I love this idea :))

  2. OMG!! That is too dang funny!! LOVES IT!!!

    Erikasbuddy aka Greta

  3. We're all going to be embarrassed together. I actually don't mind the high school me. Man was I skinny back then! And not as bitter and sarcastic!

  4. yay!! I'm really excited to play!! Mine is actually pretty good *I was 30 lbs lighter*

  5. I just sent my pics in!!

    Greta aka Erikasbuddy

  6. Ok, I just sent in my pics. Please be merciful. :)

  7. Perm?! Oh my! Can't wait to see what everyone looked like back in o day!
    Yes, @um_natalie reluctantly did drink (and actually swallowed) the Glee kool aid. I don't think she liked it, though, she said it burned.


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