Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The worst thing to happen, for some people...

Once upon a time there was a girl, happy and free with no responsibilities except for work and home. She could laugh and play with her two precious kitties and fulfill her nosiness and need to keep busy in technological ways whenever she wanted. Then a precious little boy came into the world, and everything changed. For the better, of course. When she was on leave enjoying her three months off with the precious one, she joined Facebook to talk to old friends and be nosy about who her husband was talking to (Hey, I told you I'm nosy…it’s genetic). But then some activities that were taken for granted have fallen to the wayside. Activities like reading a book at home at night, surfing the internet, checking her email, going to movies without feeling guilty for leaving the little one at home for a few hours with grandma. (Even though the elephant house theater is where she would have to suffer through the movie) You get the point. Then everything changed when she joined Twitter and had to go back to work.

I used to be really good at keeping on top of my email. I would only have about 40 or so waiting in my inbox maximum. Want to take a guess what my email backlog is at now? It's at 1152. You would think having a crackberry would help me keep on top of the bulk, right? Thanks to Ubertwitter I'm constantly emailing myself tweets that have internet links that I want to check out. Now my inbox just keeps expanding and expanding.

When Twitter went down last month, I didn't panic. I'm sure some people were curled up in the fetal position rocking back and forth. I actually used the extra time to my advantage and worked without interruptions. Well, except for the email interruption from FireCrotch about the Twitter outage. It was actually pretty nice to not check my crackberry for several hours. The outage even allowed me to finish Stephenie Meyer's book The Host, which had been kicking my ass for two weeks. I swear that book didn't get "can't stop reading it" until 450 pages in. Boo.

When FireCrotch emailed me, I had to look twice at the name. She has the same first name as I do as well as my best friend. Let’s just say we need a Veronica and our little group is all set. And maybe Christian Slater, the young version, not bloated old version. My BFF never emails me during the day since her federal job is even stricter than mine is about email, so I had to read the email before I knew who it is. It was really great and unexpected hearing from her during the day.

While Twitter has been very entertaining for me, getting sick and a long holiday weekend has left me ignoring tweets. I’ve found that I just don’t have the patience to keep up with hours of tweets, take care of baby C, and do all the other stuff I need to do. So reading tweets and posting on this blog has been the first things dropped to compensate. Plus work has demanded all of my attention these past few weeks. I have missed talking to all of my twitter and twibloggy friends.

On another note, I’ve been reading Fragile Little Human’s Twilight/Moonlight crossover fanfic Breathe Me. The story is awesome! Mrs Robward, your fic is next on my list. I hope to read that this week. I’ve been reading the Night Huntress Novels by Jeaniene Frost. These books feature a half human-half vampire named Cat who fights other vampires with her vampire husband Bones. I’ve really enjoyed these books and I am starting book 3 of 4 today. The stories are gripping and there is also much lemony goodness in each book. You should check these out. I’m also planning a blog about the freaks on my train line, complete with pics. Hopefully I can post that later this week.


  1. Hello there!! Yeah, RL has a way of bumping other things to the side, doesn't it?

    Glad you like the story! I'm working on a one shot right now, but I'll start the new Breathe Me chapter soon.

  2. Hey, I would totally take bloated old Christian Slater any day...and I almost forgot about the Twit-apocalypse of '09. I've had to crack down on myself at work this week since people think I have been slacking. Blogging, tweeting, and email has definitely taken a backseat to sleeping. Glad to see you are still alive. I am even behind on Breathe Me. The update has been mocking me in my inbox for days now. I will read it tonight after Glee...unless there are other awesome shows on tonight. Gah! Okay, looking forward to your pictorial of crazies on the train. Must get back to work lest someone find me "goofing off."

  3. I am glad that I got to spend some time with you guys this weekend! Thanks again for everything! It capped off an awesome 4 day weekend.....Celebrated my bday, went out with friends, had quality time with family, and got my Baby C and Ikea fixes =) Can't wait to do it again!

  4. I just figured out, that this blog belongs to hmmille and I laughed my ass off, since I´m tweeting with you and have your blog listed in my blogroll but never matched the two together !

    And yeah RL really is something time consuming and I would also love to have more time to blog and Tweet, although honestly I spend already to much time with this.

    So hope to see you in Twitter:-)

    *still laughing at myself*

  5. Woops! I was caught reading your post instead of beta-ing Mrs Robward's fic... and now you're gonna go read it. Ok, got the point, back to the fic!

  6. Sooo, I see, THIS is where my dearest beta is! LOL! (jk)

    Wow, another reader, I luvers you ladies! You rock! We pass around our fics like a bong at a party in the Ghetto!

    Honestly, there ARE NOT enuff hours in a day........

    Mrs. Robward


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