Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yes, I'm still around....and random thoughts

What can I say? I forgot how much of a drain my work is on me. Three months of maternity leave will definitely erase any bad mojo you have about work. I have plenty of ideas for posts on this blog, I just have so little time to actually type them up. When are they going to invent telepathy typing? Wait, I would probably make people's eyes bleed with the level of profanity that spews forth from my mouth. Another side affect of the job. The only way I've been somewhat keeping up on things is due to twitter on my blackberry. I usually am 8 hours behind on that thing, but I'm more up to speed with that than I am on most of the internet.

So what's next for this blog? I'll try to have a recap of all new True Blood episodes this weekend. I plan on doing a recap for each episode. They've been really good so far. Plus, I have some things planned for books and movies.

Oh, and how are the activities of the video gaming addict husband? He hasn't really played Call of Duty that much lately. He's partially replaced that game with Mafia Wars on Facebook. I preordered the next Call of Duty for him, so he better still be into it by November. However, I did take a nap with baby C on the couch last night for a couple of hours. What woke me up at 10 pm? The loud, annoying sound of gunfire. Maybe he still likes that game after all?

I found a companion photo to the underwear halter top. This picture is quite a bit cuter than the women's version. Baby C definitely needs that t-shirt below!

So that's pretty much my life. Get up with baby C sometime in the night, go to work, come home, snuggle with the baby. Repeat. Not too exciting!

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