Monday, July 20, 2009

Collaborative Fan Fiction or Madlibs Gone Wild?

Twilight fan fiction seems to be on all of my twibloggy friends’ minds lately. I haven’t really read any since I was on maternity leave, but there are some pretty good ones out there. All this fiction talking got me thinking, want to write some of your own fan fic but don’t think you have the writing skills or the time? What if we all pitched in to write some fan fic collaboratively ($5 word)? I’m too lazy to write one all by myself. Plus, the last things I wrote were a master’s thesis, PhD dissertation, and a few chemistry journal articles, all from my chemistry grad school research. Can we say boring? It was my research and it even made me yawn.

Let’s try a little experiment here on this blog. It’s going to be kind of like madlibs, except you don’t just fill in a word. You will help write chunks of the story. I’ll post a topic, the characters, the setting, and the first paragraph. You can write a portion that happens next in the story in the comments section. I’ll leave the comments open for a couple of weeks and we can see what kind of short story fan fic we generate. Will it be craptastic? PG-13? NC-17? Rated X? Who knows, but we’ll try. You can write as little or as much as you’d like, as often as you’d like. I just ask that you follow what has happened in the story before you.

First topic: Edward (vampire) and Bella (human) go to a drive in on a rare non-raining night in Forks. They see a double feature of the new Harry Potter movie and The Hangover. Bella’s POV.

Ok, begin. This is going to be strange. And tell your friends, this little experiment will be better (or more strange?) if more people to contribute to this. I don’t want to do this alone. I’ll start….

Finally we had a cloudless sky on a Saturday night. After raining every day for the last week, a dry night was very welcome. Edward decided that we should take full advantage of the abnormally dry weather and do something we usually don’t do. When he suggested we go to the drive in to see two new release movies, I couldn’t help but get a little excited by the prospect of being alone in a car with Edward, in the backseat, watching movies and snuggling closer.

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